Does Henna Hair Dye Really Work?

Does it actually work? How does it smell? I chat about it all in my video review. This was actually my very  first attempt at using Henna, a 100% plant-based hair-dye. Watch the detailed results in this here.


Product used:

Rainbow Henna Hair Dye http://amzn.to/2kDTGN8

Talked about:

Bigen Henna

Lush Henna


The Nerdy Stuff

Most common toxins found in hair dyes.

1. PPD
PPD is short for para-phenylenediamine. It is used as a dye for dark color shades and is made from coal tar, a petroleum-derived chemical that includes benzene,naphthalene, phenols, aniline, and other chemicals. It is also used as a wood preservative, and contact with skin is best to be avoided. Research states PPD in combination with Hydrogene Peroxide is very toxic and can lead to cancer.
2. Hydrogene Peroxide
Hydrogene Peroxide is mostly used to stip the natural color away, before applying the hair dye color. It is said to change the hair structure and make it brittle stripping it of its natural luster.
3. Ammonia
Ammonia is used to open up the hair’s cuticle (the outer layer of the hair) so the dyes can come into the shaft (the inside of the hair). It may produce caustic burns and lung irritation.
4. DMDM Hydantoin
DMDM Hydantoin is a preservative that slowly releases the toxic formaldehyde chemical, the longer it sits on the shelves. It may cause tissue irritation and affect the immune system. DMDM Hydantoin kills off fungi, yeasts and bacteria and it’s also used in herbicides, floor waxes, polymers, color photography, latex paints, cutting oils, adhesives, copying paper, and inks.
5. Parabens
The two most common parabens preservatives are Methylparabens and Propylparabens. They are widely used in hair care products and can produce severe allergies and skin irritation.
6. Lead Acetate
Lead Acetate is used as a color additive for the dark shade hair dyes. It is said to cause anemia and produce neurological problems.
7. Resorcinol
Resorcinol is a toxic dye that can cause scalp irritation, and is an allergen affecting the endocrine system.

IMG_0539 copy.jpg

As you can see processing your hair can leave around some some pesky toxins. I just like that I have an alternative now. Its all about awareness and choice!

4 responses to “Does Henna Hair Dye Really Work?”

  1. foeoe Avatar

    I so would like to use henna but my hair is simply too dark for a real change – tried it some years back but you could only see some minor changes in good light haha

  2. Sharka Guiomar Avatar

    I love the fact henna is natural, I tried it once when I was pure brunette and loved it. Ever since having ombre hair no colour needed:)
    kisses Sharka

  3. Nati Avatar

    Thanks for the info and detailed review! I never dye my hair, I don’t really have grey hair (yet) but as I’m 37 I will certainly need to do it sooner or later. I would definitely try henna before trying other methods!

  4. Bee Smetana Avatar

    I did die my hair with Henna 5years ago and the damage was so bad. I later found out that the brand I used was not good. I’m doing my research now before I just in. Thanks for this recommendation

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